Palliative Care Guidelines

What is Palliative Care?

The Danny Sklar Palliative Care Program is a not-for-profit service of the Vi & Milton Weinstein Hospice, offering quality care and nurturing support to relieve the physical and emotional distress that often accompanies certain advanced illness.  Our interdisciplinary team will make an assessment and coordinate services based on the individual and family’s needs, diagnoses and area of Atlanta which we serve.

Meet the man for whom our Palliative Care Program is named.

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Who Is Appropriate for Palliative Care?

  • Patients who are pursuing aggressive treatment for cancer, heart disease and lung disease including chemotherapy, radiation and dialysis.
  • Patients and families making end-of-life decisions about advance directive issues and goals of care
  • Patients experiencing difficult symptom management.

What is Our Philosophy?

  • Approaches care that is foremost patient-centered and addresses patient needs within the context of family and community.
  • Identifies and honors the preferences of the patient and family through careful attention to their values, goals, and priorities, as well as their cultural and spiritual perspectives.
  • Encourages advanced care planning, including advance directives, through ongoing dialogue between providers, patient, and family.
  • Incorporates interagency collaboration and access to community resources.
  • Aims to decrease the length of hospital stays and eliminate unnecessary emergency room visits.