Partnering with Weinstein Hospice for Continued Care of Your Patient

One of the most difficult things physicians have to do is deliver bad news to patients and their families. It is often much easier to continue pursuing an unlikely cure than to have the difficult conversation about allowing a natural death. However, the wise physician knows when to transition from cure to palliation, and patient and family satisfaction increase when this transition is made.

Recommending a consultation for hospice care can be a difficult choice for a physician. Included here are resources to help you to help your patient and their family make the most informed choices.

Weinstein Hospice serves patients wherever they call home.  Hospice care is provided wherever the patient lives, whether it’s in their own private residence, nursing home or assisted living facility.

Most hospice patients remain in their own homes, however, during a medical crisis or for a five day respite period every sixty or ninety days, a patient may go to an inpatient hospice facility. Weinstein Hospice has a contract with Hospice Atlanta to provide inpatient acute or respite services when the patient meets the medical criteria.